« It embodies the Spirit of the House. The subtle evocation of the senses, a constantly renewed delight through the magic bubbles ».

Bright pale yellow color. Freshness associated with minerality first appear. Then fruitiness settles with fragances of ripe yellow fruits (apricot, peach). They are underlined with a hint of licorice or even fennel, a typical feature of fine Pinots Noirs from the Montagne de Reims. The palate is round, smooth, and bright. The texture oscillates from roundness / vinosity to freshness / minerality (chalky) on the palate. The finish is slightly saline and gives an everlasting quality to this wine.

A very balanced and full-bodied champagne.

« Beautiful midsummer night's dream, passionate evocation of a mythic effervescent wine. Sensations, emotions, surprise, rare moments ».

Delicate, effervescent pale pink color. On the first nose licorice flavors appear which characterize Pinot Noir with a good maturity. Then red fruit fragances of strawberry and cherry appear in a subtly sweet and sensual way. On the palate a very fine minerality (saline) is expressed. A balance occurs between the slight astringency and the crystallinity linked to the composition of the wine. The roundness gives it a nice personnality.

A joyful and consistent Rosé Champagne.

« Precious moments in time are imbued with happiness ... Divine Chardonnay, you fill us with pleasure ».

Yellow color with some pale golden glints. On the first nose the richness of the wine reveals a bouquet of fresh white fruit (pear, apple, quince). Indeed, the Chardonnays showed an excellent maturity in 2005, an exceptionally sunny year. Fruity fragances are dotted with notes of orange peel that enhance the olfactory opulence. The mouth is tonic, robust and reveals a remarkable vinosity. The finish is round, smooth, and emphasizes the richness of the wine.

Definitely a gastronomic wine!

« Its name evokes sweetness and elegance, an invitation to dream. The mind wanders and discovers a deep emotion ».

The first vintage was created in 1973 by Jules Lassalle and launched in 1978, the same year as the birth of his granddaughter ... Angeline.

Pale golden yellow color. On the first nose freshness and minerality are associated with a light fragance of licorice and fresh mint. After airing, more distinct fruity fragances of yellow fruits (apricot, quince) and pastry (almond praline) appear in a velvety sensation. On the palate a round and full texture brings body to the wine. Salinity highlights the taste until the finish and makes it more palatable: the signature of a fine gastronomic wine.

« When Champagne becomes an art, a masterwork, a unique composition, a talent with a bewitching charm, seduction is in the air ».

Intense yellow color. The nose opens up with freshness and fragances of licorice that quickly evolve into more focused aromas of dried and grilled fruits (grapes, dried apricots), confirming the concentration and richness of the wine. It is pleasingly fresh on the palate with a fine minerality. It expresses a refined body worthy of the great wines. Evolving aromas progressively build coffee, mocha...

A magnificent wine with food.

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