Harvest generally occurs in September (100 to 110 days after flowering) and is subject to some constraints.

Each year depending on climatic conditions, grapes are harvested according to maturity (early and late), terroirs and vine age.

The grapes are picked entirely by hand, then a rigorous and selective sorting is done to keep only the best ones.

A slow and qualitative pressing is done to avoid colouring the first musts. A traditional press machine is used which holds 4,000kg of grapes.

The maximum authorised yield is 2,500 liters (25.5hl) per marc. The press fractions are separated as a function of quality. The first press juice is called the cuvée (20.5 hl) which is the highest quality and the last 5 hl are known as the «taille».

Every wine J.Lassalle is exclusively produced from the cuvée.

This step mainly consists of blending the «still wines» from several years, each of which adds a distinct quality to the blend.

Non-vintage wines are a brilliant blend of wines from the current year and the best previous harvests. Each year still wines are stored in tanks enabling the house to achieve its own unique style.

Vintage wines are produced from grapes harvested in a single specified year. The blending varies from year to year, depending on climatic specific features.

The bottled wine is stored on the lees, the perfect condition for aging. Bottles are stored at the ideal and constant temperature cellar. Aging lasts between 4 years (for non-vintage wines) and 10 years (for vintage wines).

J. Lassalle uses the ancestral technique of riddling.

Every bottle is placed on wood racks (called «pupitres» in French) and riddled by hand over a period of about 3 weeks.

The riddling process gradually moves the sediment of dead yeast into the neck of the bottle.

Riddling is a natural system of clarifying wines.

After disgorging, a «liqueur de dosage» is added to attain the desired type of Champagne. This final dosing is made from sugar cane blended with the best reserve wines. Wines are only dosed with less than 12 grammes per litre of sugar, making them "Brut" wines to keep the perfect balance.

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